Documents provided by Eric Pomber, from a folder when he purchased hull #029

2952_001.pdf1987 Price List
2953_001.pdf1987 Price List, page 2
2954_001.pdfImage of BCC
2955_001.pdf2002 features and price list
2956_001.pdf“About Our Boat”
2957_001.pdfHull and deck layout
2958_001.pdfComments on cruising boat design and construction
2959_001.pdfVarious images and information
2960_001.pdfFrom “The World’s Best Sailboats”
2961_001.pdfA quote from Srerling Haydn’s book, “Wanderer”
2962_001.pdfBCC Specifications
2965_001.pdfComments from BCC owners
2966_001.pdfHull and deck layout 2
2967_001.pdfBCC Beam view
2968_001.pdfDetail specifications and drawings
2969_001.pdfRig specifications
2970_001.pdfCenters of effort
2971_001.pdfHull and deck layout 3
2972_001.pdfRudder detais, and a note from Sam
2973_001.pdfDeck and rig specs, unfortunately some of it is missing.