Lyle Hess designed the Falmouth Cutter as a pocket cruiser that could carry one or two persons across the oceans safely. He designed her just like the Bristol Channel Cutter with minor changes to suit her size requirement. When he finished, all the dimensions indicated that she could be trailered. What a great opportunity for the person who does not necessarily want to cross oceans but instead wants to sail all coasts of the country. If at any time the decision is made to cross an ocean she is more than capable.

She, like her big sister the Bristol Channel Cutter, is built by hand and to the same standards only with one less lay-up on the hull. She carries very similar lines with a shallow full keel that is swept back so it does not disturb the movement of water and will go aground gently. The large sail area and long waterline provide excellent performance in both light and heavy airs. Like all Hess boats, this is a remarkably big boat for her deck length. Don’t be surprised if she sails past boats much larger, especially going to weather.