This site is dedicated to owners and aficionados of the Bristol Channel Cutter and The Falmouth Cutter, vessels designed by the late Lyle Hess, and built primarily by the Sam. L. Morse company in Costa Mesa, California.

The vessels are particularly attractive to blue water sailors because of their seaworthiness and outstanding performance.

Owners of the vessels continually exchange information using the forum pages, there is a gallery of images, and the “Who’s Where” page shows how widespread the boats are internationally.

These pages are supported by the owners of the vessels, and there is a wealth of expertise, particularly on maintenance and upkeep, and a lively exchange of ideas and innovations.

Cape George Cutter Marine Works, Inc. is now building the Bristol Channel Cutter and the Falmouth Cutter, along with their other range of vessels. In January 2011, Cape George rolled out their first completed hull using the original Sam L. Morse BCC mold.

Cape George Marine Works, Inc.
1924 Cape George Road
Port Townsend, WA 98368