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Posting Images and Resizing Images
Posted by: IDUNA (IP Logged)
Date: September 12, 2008 02:13PM

Posting Images in a Thread:

Digital images need to be sized to less than 600 X 800 pixels and resolution set to less than 100 pixels - see discussion "resizing images." Printed photos need to scanned to convert them to digital images.

Open a thread reply box. In the lower right corner of the reply box, select "Attach" to open the attachement page. For each photo you want to post, select "browse" after each file box on the attachment page. Find your file and select it. The file will be pasted into the file box. Continue to do this until all files have been attached. At the bottom of the attachment page select either "attach" or "cancel." If you selelct "attach" the thread with attached image files will be posted.

Resizing Images:

Most cameras are sold with a software program for viewing and resizing images, as well as performing other image post-processing tasks. I will refer to the image software program as "program" in the following discussion.

Open the image file with the program Find the "image sizing" menu. With the program set the image size, such that the longest side is between 600 and 800. If you can set the resolution when you are resizing the image, set resolution first to 72-80 pixels. Some programs will automatically resize the image when you change the resolution. Once you have resized the image, save (save as) the image as a copy in a jpg format, i.e. (filenumber-copy.jpg) or (filenumber-title.jpg). Saving the image under a new filename preserves the original file at it's highest resolution - important. If you do not do this, the original file is lost. I suspect, the jpg file format is the default setting of most image post-processing program. With some programs, after you select "save" or "save as", a menu box will open asking you what jpg compression ratio you what to save the file, i.e. small, medium, high, max. If this is the case select "medium." Once you have done this a couple of times, it becomes "old hat."

The standard image resolution for the Internet is 72 pixels. The viewing quality of the image will not change if the image resolution is set above 72 pixels or dot per inch (dpi). The screen displays the image at 72 pixels or dpi. The viewing quality will decrease if the image resolution is set below 72 pixels or dpi. In these cases, the viewing quality is size dependent when the resolution is less than 72 pixels or dpi.

Posting Images in the Galleries:

One must login to post photos and the images should be resized to 600 X 800 pixels or less and the resolution should be about 100 pixels or less. This will not degrade image viewing quality but will save bandwidth and server storage space.

Go to the Forum List,

Select "Gallery" in the upper menu task bar,

Scroll down to "New Upload" and select/click it,

A new page opens with one image named "Whitestone Bridge NY.jpj"

In the upper right of the page in the task bar are three options [Admin Options], [slideshow], [login]

Click the down arrow next to [Admin Options] to open a menu,

Select "Add Photos" to open the photo posting box,

Select the number of photo you want to post (1 - 10)

On the right of a filename box, select "browse,"

Find the filename of the photo on your computer to post, highlight the photo and click "open," This will paste the filename into the filename box.

(NOTE: If you are uploading images to the gallery section of the site, ensure your vessel's name is included in the filename so that we can allocate it to the correct vessel, i.e. myboatsname_engine1.jpg)

Fillout the Caption Box under the filename box,

Once you have filled all the filename boxes with the images you want to post to the Gallery, go to the bottom of the page and select an option - "Use filename as caption if no caption is specified" - recommended.

In the lower right hand corner of the page select "Upload Now" to upload the images or "Cancel" to cancel the operation.

Photos will be posted to the appropriate album by the website administrator.

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